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Fees and insurance

Do you have a Dutch health insurance?

Mara Tar Fysiotherapie has a contract with all Dutch health insurance companies.

The advantage of this is that we send the invoice directly to your insurance.

This will save you time and administration.
It is important to know how many treatments are reimbursed a year by your insurance company. This varies by insurer. You should find out how many treatments you are entitled a year by looking at your policy. Children under the age of 18 years old are insured for physical therapy 18 times a year.
If you need more treatments then your policy allows but you are not insured for additional treatments, you will receive an invoice from us.

You do not need a referral of your General Practioner (GP) to make an appointment with us!!

Do you have an international health insurance?

In this case is unfortunately not possible to send the invoice directly to your insurance company. After your treatments, you will receive an invoice from us. You have 30 days to pay it. Afterwards you can get reimbursed by your health insurance by sending them our invoice.

Please check your policy, sometimes you may need to get a referral from your GP before getting reimbursed by your insurance company!

Important to know:

Please minimize your cancelations because we would like to help as many people as possible and sometimes it is difficult to rebook people into cancelled spots on short notice. When treatments are cancelled within less than 24 hours from the appointment, you will receive an invoice for this appointment. This is conform to the Dutch health care rules.

Please note: A “no-show” is not reimbursed by the insurance. You will receive the invoice!

Outside office hours and on weekends you can leave a message on our answering machine / mail us if you need to cancel or change your booking.